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April 17, 2024

Verdant Technologies has announced that HarvestHold Fresh, the company’s innovative post-harvest shelf-life extension solution, has been approved by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) for use in Canada. The PMRA registration allows for the application of HarvestHold Fresh on a range of fruits and vegetables, including broccoli, tomatoes, peaches, among others. This marks a significant step toward fresher produce and more sustainable supply chains for growers, retailers, and end consumers in Canada.

Verdant’s award-winning HarvestHold Fresh technology utilizes a gradual humidity-released formulation of 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) to significantly extend the shelf-life of fresh produce by up to 50 per cent compared to traditional shipping methods, thus reducing food waste and creating efficiencies throughout the supply chain. The PMRA's rigorous evaluation process ensures that HarvestHold Fresh meets Canada's stringent health and environmental standards, offering Canadian growers, packers, and retailers a trusted solution to maintain produce freshness from crop to cart.

“Our team has worked diligently to ensure that our product meets the high standards set by the Canadian regulatory agency, and we're thrilled to now bring HarvestHold Fresh to the Canadian market,” said Gordon Robertson, CEO of Verdant Technologies. “The approval from PMRA validates the effectiveness of HarvestHold and aligns with Verdant Technologies' commitment to advancing sustainable agricultural solutions. We're excited about the opportunity this creates for our Canadian partners and the broader agricultural community to benefit from reduced waste and improved produce longevity."

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Source:  Verdant Technologies April 17, 2024 news release         


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 17 April 2024