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The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association is launching a new national Kids FarmSafe Week
The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association is launching a new national Kids FarmSafe Week
May 08, 2024

Over the last 15 years, there has been an average of 70 fatalities on Canadian farms each year. With the vast majority of Canadian farms operated by farm families, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) and BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions (BASF) recognize that even one on-farm death is too many. To promote safety on farms, BASF is proud to support CASA in launching the first annual Kids FarmSafe Week from May 13 to 19.


“CASA plays an essential role in our industry, providing Canadian farmers and their families with the information and resources needed to make farms safer places to live, work and play,” said Leta LaRush, vice president, business management at BASF.


“Fostering a safety-first mindset is incredibly important to all of us at BASF and we know this is a shared value within the agricultural community. We’re delighted to be the presenting sponsor of this inaugural national week focusing on increasing awareness and access to child-specific farm safety resources,” LaRush added.


In February 2023, CASA and Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting (CAIR) published a report detailing Agriculture-related Fatalities in Canada. The report found that between 1990 and 2020, 435 children were lost to agriculture-related incidents. Seeding and harvest are particularly demanding times on the farm and have been shown to have heightened risk for children, however the demand for safety awareness and advocacy is needed year-round.


These child-specific farm safety statistics, coupled with the need for continuous safety awareness, motivated BASF to advocate for farm safety for children by developing the BASF Safety Scouts program in 2021. Fostering a safety-first mindset on the farm from a young age, the BASF Safety Scouts program engages children in farm safety today, to help shape a safer, brighter tomorrow for Canadian agriculture.


BASF Safety Scouts provides kits to farm families to make learning about farm safety engaging and fun. The kits include adjustable child-sized safety vests, activity sheets, and more, and are provided to North American farm families free of charge. Available through CASA’s FarmSafe Kids site and the BASF website, two kits are offered: the BASF Safety Scout kits, designed for children aged three to six, and the BASF Safety Captain kits, designed for ages seven and up.


In support of the inaugural Kids FarmSafe Week, CASA’s FarmSafe Kids site will offer to the public a BASF Safety Scouts “Journey Through FarmLand” teaching kit and game that will teach children about safety and farm hazards as they play. Additionally, BASF is pleased to host a forum on the Experiences of Farm Mothers: Safety, Work and Children on the Farm on May 15, moderated by Tabetha Boot, head of communications & industry relations at BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions. CASA will also provide themed safety tips throughout Kids FarmSafe Week between May 13 to 19. Find more information on Kids FarmSafe Week and the week’s events through CASA.


Source:  BASF Canada  May 8, 2024 news release



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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 8 May 2024