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Spider mites
Spider mites
March 11, 2024

Gowan Canada is introducing a new miticide to the Canadian market. Magister SC miticide offers a broad spectrum, rapid knockdown and lasting residual control of mites and pear psylla, while also providing reliable control of powdery mildew. Magister is active against rust and bud mites, spider mites and pear psylla in a broad range of crops, which includes grapes, blueberries, strawberries, apples to name a few. It also provides control of eggs by contact and control of immature and adult mites by both contact and ingestion. This works to reduce egg hatch and decrease mite levels in the next generation.

Magister also works to provide control of powdery mildew when used as part of a complete Integrated Pest Management program. To ensure optimum performance, a few key practices should be conducted:

    •  Application should be timed to coincide with the first signs of mites, prior to exponential mite population growth.

    •  Coverage is key due to the contact nature of Magister SC. Therefore, the speed of the sprayer should not exceed 2.4km/hr when applying in 500L/ha of water or less. However, if the mite pressure is higher, a greater spray volume is recommended.

    •  Addition of a spreader/sticker non-ionic surfactant at a concentration of 0.25% v/v may improve performance.

    •  Under heavy pressure, apply with an ovicide or additional Mode of Action miticide.


Gowan Canada established its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta in April of 2023, while its global headquarters have been rooted in Yuma, Arizona since 1962. The family-owned, global company prides itself on its “muddy boots” philosophy which emphasizes the continued desire to understand, support and provide the right tools and knowledge to the customer. The passion for agriculture in Gowan expands beyond only crop protection. The global company is a diverse group of agricultural entities that also includes warehousing, distribution, retail companies, seed, fertilizers and the farming and distribution of Medjool dates. The passion and diversity of contributions to the agriculture industry continues into Canada, offering solutions to significant problems for farmers, including herbicide-resistant weeds, mites and other insects, as well as many of the major diseases across Canada.


Source:  Gowan Canada March 7, 2024 news release



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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 11 March 2024