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Magister SC miticide is registered for the 2023 growing season.
Magister SC miticide is registered for the 2023 growing season.
January 25, 2023

Gowan Canada Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Magister SC miticide for the Canadian horticultural market. On January 23, 2023, the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) granted registration for Magister SC miticide which will be available for Canadian growers during the 2023 growing season.


Magister SC is a flowable formulation containing the active ingredient fenazaquin, a Group 21A mode of action (MOA). It provides rapid action against certain species of mites in both Eriophyidae and Tetranychidae families and pear psylla. In addition to these important pests, Magister SC is also classified as a FRAC Group 39 fungicide. This MOA is unique amongst other miticides offering growers labeled control of powdery mildew in pome fruit, small fruit climbing vine, stone fruits, and cucurbits.


“Globally, Gowan is a leader in miticide offerings. Magister SC is an excellent example of the innovation we here at Gowan Canada are excited to deliver to producers. The rapid knockdown under a range of conditions in key crops, along with proven activity on powdery mildew, will enable Canadian growers to continue producing high-quality fruits and vegetables,” states Dale Ziprick, product manager for Gowan Canada.  


Contact your local Gowan Canada Sales Representative to learn more about Magister SC Miticide. Always read and follow label directions.


Source:  Gowan Canada January 25, 2023 corrected news release


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 25 January 2023