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Sekoya is a B2B-branded platform designed to deliver tasty, crunchy, long-lasting blueberries, 52 weeks per year, with 15 members globally.
Sekoya is a B2B-branded platform designed to deliver tasty, crunchy, long-lasting blueberries, 52 weeks per year, with 15 members globally.
March 07, 2024

Mastronardi Produce, fourth-generation family-owned business that pioneered high-tech greenhouse berries in North America, announces that its berry division has joined the coveted SEKOYA blueberry platform in a strategic move to elevate its blueberry offering. A retailer favourite, SEKOYA varieties are renowned for their exceptional firmness, sweet flavour, jumbo size, and extended shelf life.


“Mastronardi Produce is ecstatic to bring this superior product to our partners who will instantly recognize the value of our SEKOYA membership,” said Paul Mastronardi, president and CEO of Mastronardi Produce Ltd.  "This partnership will significantly bolster the domestic blueberry category for growers and retailers alike.”


SEKOYA is an in-demand variety platform that retailers ask for by name, having earned a reputation for excellence thanks to its consistently high-quality blueberries.


“We are proud to announce Mastronardi as a new SEKOYA member,” said Mark David, general manager North America at SEKOYA. “Mastronardi brings experience to SEKOYA through its premium concept and brands which will add value in the market. Every SEKOYA member brings a unique set of skills, perspective, and dedication to the table, all of which have been instrumental in driving our progress to date.”


Mastronardi Produce has been an innovative player in the North American berry space, partnering with global veterans in fruit genetics and varietal development. The company currently offers the “complete berry basket” with a flavourful portfolio of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.


“I am confident Mastronardi will contribute to our projects and shared initiatives moving forward,” added David. “Initially, SEKOYA started with 15 members, and we now go back to 15 members. We believe with this highly professional group of independent grower-marketers we are close to our optimum of supplying all our core consumer markets globally via direct sales.”


As a SEKOYA member, Mastronardi Produce will be able to grow and market a variety of premium blueberries under its award-winning berry brands.


“By offering the same incredible quality every day of the year, we will see higher levels of consumer trust, less waste, and happier customers,” said Paul. “We will be leveraging our robust network of growers to support a rapid expansion.”


The greenhouse leader has an aggressive five-year plan for SEKOYA varieties, which will be grown in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and other regions.


SEKOYA is a B2B-branded platform designed to deliver the SEKOYA Eating Experience – tasty, crunchy, long-lasting blueberries – 52 weeks per year, with 15 members globally. The platform aims to make delivery of quality blueberries at scale easier, more predictable, and available for retail and e-commerce buyers because of its unique design and selected members.

Source:  Mastronardi Produce March 7, 2024 news release

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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 7 March 2024