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December 07, 2022

The Crop Science Division of Bayer has announced that Minuet fungicide has been approved as a soil-applied biological for potatoes and other vegetable crops. Minuet biological fungicide uses a FRAC Group BM02 fungicide active (Bacillus subtilis strain QST 713) to protect against soil-borne diseases such as rhizoctonia root rot, black scurf and stem canker.  Plus, it has activity against pink rot and root rot caused by fusarium, phytophthora and pythium.


Minuet is specifically designed for soil application and is a valuable addition to a full-season program to support increased crop quality and yield potential. Minuet is a concentrated formulation of Serenade SOIL, a proven in-furrow biological fungicide. With a low use rate and concentrated packaging that translates to less bulk and waste, Minuet supports best practices in agricultural sustainability.  


“Canadian potato and vegetable growers now have another tool in their field management system,” says Meghann Garlough, campaign marketing manager – fruit & vegetables. “As an in-furrow only product, Minuet is compatible with other in-furrow products such as Velum Prime nematicide/fungicide, or insecticide.”


Also, Proline GOLD fungicide is now registered for use in potatoes in western Canada. With the powerful performance of prothioconazole (Group 3) and fluopyram (Group 7) actives, potato farmers can use Proline GOLD for control of early blight, brown leaf spot and white mould, alongside suppression of black dot.


 “We’ve seen Proline GOLD perform exceptionally well in western Canada, against sclerotinia /white mould in canola and pulses, and we are pleased to extend that same performance to potato farmers as well,” says Garlough. “Proline GOLD delivers excellent control of Alternaria and white mould in potatoes and is easy to use with one labelled rate.”


Minuet and Proline GOLD are available to potato farmers for the 2023 growing season. For more information on Minuet and Proline GOLD, visit Growers are encouraged to talk to their local Bayer representative to learn more.


Source:  Bayer Cropscience December 7, 2022 news release

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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 7 December 2022