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Japanese beetle rapsberry
Japanese beetle rapsberry
July 29, 2021

As a result of ongoing restrictions to in-person meetings and the need to finalize dates and venue, the Pest Management Centre (PMC) will be holding the 2022 Priority Setting Workshop (PSW) in a virtual format. 


The services of an external contractor will again be sought to help facilitate the workshops and we will be offering simultaneous English/French interpretation. Materials for the PSW will be uploaded on a Google Drive and accessible to all participants at all times.In response to the feedback received since the close of the 2021 PSW, PMC plans to implement a few changes.



C Workshop: Feb 8 & 9, 2022

B Workshop: Feb 22 & 23, 2022

A Workshop: March 22-24, 2022


All workshops will be held from 11:00-4:00 (Eastern Time)


Registrant New Technology session: To be held in the fall 2021 (exact date to be determined). 


The National crop-pest priority list is expected to be sent to all stakeholders about one week prior to the C workshop.Registrants will be expected to provide support following the B workshop on Feb 23, 2022.


PMC will be conducting an internal analysis in the fall 2021 to determine capacity for new projects as well as for joint IR-4 projects. Various factors will be considered, including: number of ongoing trials, type of crops in ongoing trials, types of crops in projects that have not been initiated yet, challenges/limitations of certain types of crops, and PMC employee workload. This analysis will help determine how many priorities PMC will be able to take on at the 2022 PSW and as joint projects with IR-4 in September 2021, as well as which type of crops that may pose challenges.


More information will become available leading up to the events.



Source:  Pest Management Centre July 29, 2021 communiqué

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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 29 July 2021