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December 07, 2022

Statistics Canada reports that Canada’s potato crop is estimated at  122,970,000 hundred weight (cwt). This is slightly up by 956,000 hundred weight or 0.8 per cent over 2021 due to increases in planted acres and yields in certain parts of the country.


 The United Potato Growers of Canada notes that for comparison purposes, there were two significant changes to the originally reported numbers for 2021.  Prince Edward Island was revised from 28,510 down to 27,209 and Québec was revised from 16,216 down to 14,100, bringing the overall Canadian reported production to 122,014,000 hundred weight for 2021, compared to 125,431,000 originally reported one year ago.


The largest increases in potato production for 2022 were reported in the west:  Alberta (+8.9% to 26.8 million hundredweight) and Manitoba (+4.9% to 26.1 million hundredweight).  Seeded areas rose to meet growth in processing demand. Québec also showed a healthy increase of 5.9% due to increased planted acreage and a very good harvest for 2022.


The regions producing the largest share of potatoes in Canada were very close with Alberta at 21.8%, followed by Prince Edward Island at 21.6% and Manitoba at 21.3%.  These shifts are due to large demand for processing potatoes in the west and a decline in planted acreage, mostly in seed, in PEI.


Source: United Potato Growers of Canada Dec 7, 2022 news release

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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 7 December 2022