Vineland issues 2021-2022 Innovation Report

Nineteen researchers and their support staff at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre are proud of their recently released progress report:  2021-2022 Innovation Report.  The editorial line-up consists of:


-  Spreading happiness with a Canadian pear

-  A national solution against greenhouse pests

-  A flavour boost with global potential

-  Case study: the sweet smell of sweet potato success

-  An automated future for Ontario’s processing vegetable sector

-  Zeroing in on a new Canadian apple

-  Growing a cross-country innovation network for horticulture

-  Vineland by the numbers 


The cover story reveals the North American launch of Happi Pear, in conjunction with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and U.S. grower-marketer Stemilt. 


In Canada, limited quantities of the new Happi Pear were available in select Ontario grocery stores this year, ahead of larger production volumes expected in 2022. They were grown in the Niagara region, southwestern Ontario and Québec.


To read the digital edition, link here:


Source:  Vineland Research and Innovation Centre 

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Monday, November 29, 2021

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