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September 07, 2023

British Columbia leads the way in minimum wage rates at $16.75 per hour, but Ontario isn’t far behind at $16.55 per hour as of October 1, 2023.


Several provinces are raising rates to match the rise in inflation. In the case of Nova Scotia, the rate is going up six months earlier than scheduled.


Here is the breakdown by province:


British Columbia                    $16.75/hour


Alberta                                   $15.00/hour


Saskatchewan                         $14.00/hour


Manitoba                                 $15.30/hour


Ontario                                    $16.55/hour


Québec                                    $15.25/hour


New Brunswick                      $14.75/hour


Nova Scotia                            $15.00/hour


Prince Edward Island              $15.00/hour


Newfoundland                        $14.50/hour


The spread between the lowest and highest minimum wage rate is $2.75 per hour, with the lowest in Saskatchewan and the highest in British Columbia.


Source:  Retail Council of Canada


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Submitted by Deanna Vander Zaag on 7 September 2023