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CPMA end-of-year podcast

Produce journalists from Canada, the U.S and Chile comment on current issues and forecast the trends for 2018.

Small business tax changes loom

Be mindful of the federal tax changes recently proposed and how they will affect your farm, spouse and children.

Process for accessing hort funds

Ontario growers already enrolled in SDRM programs are eligible for provincial funding.

CanadaGAP’s stakeholder advisory committee 

After a successful annual general meeting, CanAgPlus has appointed members from coast to coast to advise on the intricacies of the CanadaGAP program for 2018.

Podcast episode 8

The Grower Calling – the official podcast channel for The Grower is pleased to release its eighth-podcast episode with guest Dave VanSegbrook to get a behind the scenes perspective based on our December cover story called “Brussels sprouts: a vegetable crop competing in a global marketplace”.

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