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February 13, 2023

Fruit Logistica, the global trade show based in Berlin, announced its 2023 Innovation Awards on February 10. The prestigious recognition, voted by the shows’ attendees, was Rijk Zwaan’s Tatayoyo pepper.  It’s the brand name for peppers with a distinct and strong flavour, originating from wild peppers. It comes in an intermediate size between block and snack peppers.


Rijk Zwaan is a family-owned global vegetable breeding company based in The Netherlands, with subsidiaries throughout the world.


The second place winner was Ideal Melons, by Syngenta. Its patent-pending Harvest Indicator trait, a rind-colour change technology, indicates the ideal time to harvest, ideal time to ship, ideal time to stock, and ideal time to eat. It’s a product that appeals to the entire value chain.


The third place winner was the Spanish entry of Brocomole.  It’s a new dip alternative for the lovers of "guacamole." The addition of broccoli to guacamole reduces the carbon footprint by more than 50 per cent, since growing broccoli requires fewer water resources.


Source:  Fruit Logistica Februay 10, 2023



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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 13 February 2023