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Photo:  Anthracnose damage in field peppers.
Photo: Anthracnose damage in field peppers.
April 28, 2023

Ontario pepper growers will have a new weapon in their arsenal to control strains of anthracnose in their fields in 2023. ADAMA Canada has obtained an emergency registration for Captan 80 WSP, a fungicide that has proven effective in managing Anthracnose including the new Colletotrichum Scovileistrain.


“We know that Anthracnose can devastate a pepper crop and the new Colletotrichum Scovileistrain has proven to be even more aggressive,” said Drew Thompson, area business manager for Ontario for ADAMA Canada. “We’re pleased to see the emergency registration granted in time for the 2023 crop year.”


According to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) the Colletotrichum Scovilei strain is particularly worrisome because it led to more than 80 per cent of fruit in infected fields showing at least one lesion by late August.


Captan is a water-dispersible granule sealed within individual water-soluble pouches. The pouches and pesticides will dissolve readily in water for use as a spray. It is a Group M4 fungicide which is unique in that it currently has no known resistance. OMAFRA recommends applying Captan a maximum of three times per year along side other fungicides as part of a complete program.


 “Captan is a great illustration of our product innovation as well as our commitment to respond quickly to the needs of Canadian farmers,” said Rob Bahry, research and development manager for ADAMA Canada. “We encourage growers to reach out to their retailers or ag extension specialists to discuss the use of Captan this season.”


ADAMA Canada asked the Pest Management Regulatory Agency for permission to register Captan as an emergency use. This is an extension of the 2022 emergency use for the same product. For more information, including the new label with recommended uses, visit the product page:


Source:  ADAMA Canada  April 25, 2023 news release


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 28 April 2023