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November 17, 2022

Selling directly to consumers has become more common for many Ontario farmers. Customers are looking for local products and agritourism experiences, retail stores and restaurants are marketing local products, and farmers’ markets are increasingly popular. Farmers can explore new market channels to improve farm economic viability and help reconnect the public with where their food comes from.


In 2019, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) conducted a survey about direct farm marketing, agritourism and local food to better understand the needs of farmers exploring these opportunities. OFA is conducting this 2022 survey to see how trends have changed in the last three years.


Please direct this survey to someone in your farm business that is involved in making business decisions and is interested in, or already pursuing, direct to consumer sales, value-added agriculture or agritourism.


Responses will be kept confidential and will only be reported in aggregate form. The survey should only take 5-10 minutes to complete. Please complete this survey by the end of day on December 5, 2022.


Source:  OFVGA November 17, 2022 newsletter


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 17 November 2022