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Brian Gilroy
Brian Gilroy
February 01, 2023

In 2023, the Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame will induct 11 individuals who have made significant impacts on Ontario agriculture and beyond. Two of them have had direct impact on horticulture:  Brian Gilroy and the late Dr. Richard Frank.


Brian Gilroy has been active in many organizations including the Georgian Bay Fruit Growers’ Association, Ontario Apple Growers, Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Growers’ Association, Farm & Food Care Ontario, Fruit & Vegetables Growers of Canada and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. He’s been nominated for his determined consensus-building and his long-lasting impacts on edible horticulture nationwide.  


Dr. Richard Frank, deceased in 2021, had a critical role to play in the 1970s when Ontario’s horticultural producers were faced with pest control problems. His laboratory provided critical pesticide residue data that allowed federal authorities to grant uses. The Minor Use Program later grew into the world-recognized entity that it is today.


When all 11 inductees are considered, their influences range from agronomy and crop consulting to soil health and water quality advancements, pesticide and crop research, the development of farm shows and farm co-operatives and leadership in the sectors of horticulture, dairy, forages, eggs and pullets.


The successful nominees for induction include:


  • David Biesenthal
  • Dale Cowan
  • Mack Emiry
  • Richard Frank
  • Brian Gilroy
  • Peter Gould
  • Carolynne Griffith
  • Ray Robertson
  • Robert James Scott
  • Tarlok Singh Sahota
  • Doug Wagner


The inductees will be recognized in a ceremony on June 11, bringing the total number of inductees recognized since 1980 to 256. To qualify for this prestigious recognition, inductees must have shown visionary leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. For more information, go to:


Source:  Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame February 1, 2023 news release

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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 1 February 2023