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May 18, 2022

The 5th edition of GreenTech Amsterdam will take place from June 14 – 16 in Amsterdam. The GreenTech Innovation Awards 2022 offer a window into upcoming technology. 


Exhibitors submitted 31 innovations. A jury selected five nominees from all entries in two categories: ‘Innovation’ and ‘Concept.’


 “This year we received submissions with a wide variety, which is exciting to see after the past challenging years. As a jury, we specifically looked at biological-, production- and digitization technologies. A selection of these are nominated for the Innovation- and Concept award,” says Liselotte de Vries, chair, Innovation Awards Jury, TU Delft AgTech Institute.


Category Innovation  


-  Organifarms GmbH, Berry


-  LetsGrow, HortiFootprint Calculator


-  Biobest, Micromus-System


Category Concept 


-  Certhon, Gronos


-  Biobest, Trap-Eye


To check out the nominees, go to: 


Source:  Greentech Amsterdam May 18, 2022 news release

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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 18 May 2022