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Walter Schmoranz
Walter Schmoranz
March 31, 2023

The Grape Growers of Ontario extends best wishes to Walter Schmoranz as he retires from Pelee Island Winery after 37 years. Pelee Island Winery is Canada's southernmost estate winery located in Lake Erie North Shore appellation.


Considered one of Canada’s winemaking pioneers, Walter Schmoranz was born inRuedesheim, Germany, one of the world’s finest winemaking regions. In 1986, he joined Pelee Island Winery, with 700+ acres of vitis vinifera vineyards on Pelee Island. His experience and skills have led the winery to winning hundreds of awards around the world.


“After 37 years, he is still passionate about the winery and producing exceptional wines in an ecologically conscious manner that exceeds expectations,” said a tribute from Pelee Island Winery.


He retires on April 3, 2023.  


Source: Grape Growers of Ontario March 31, 2023 newsletter


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 31 March 2023