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Analisa mini cucumber
Analisa mini cucumber
March 27, 2023

Enza Zaden is introducing Analisa, a beautiful dark-green mini that provides a great addition to its growing cucumber program, which includes long-English types, slicers and pickling, along with minis.


“Over the past three years, Analisa has performed very well in the heated greenhouses of Ontario and Québec during the spring and summer months. We’re excited to offer this great variety that delivers on taste, crunchiness and fruit size to more growers this year,” says Roberto Haveroth, product development specialist, Enza Zaden.


Adaptable for high- and low-wire, Analisa was commercialized in 2022 and is Enza Zaden’s first high-tech mini cucumber variety. Grower-friendly, Analisa features an open and compact plant type, excellent fruit quality and very high uniformity. In an industry challenged by escalating costs, the ideal consistency, size and quality of Analisa all contribute to efficient growing and optimized yields.


For trial seed or more information, contact Stephanie Driedger, eastern Canada sales representative, at 519-562-0415.


Source:  Enza Zaden

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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 27 March 2023