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Enza Zaden's North & Central America product managers and marketing department
Enza Zaden's North & Central America product managers and marketing department
April 05, 2024

In a strategic evolution reflecting Enza Zaden’s deep awareness of accelerated change in the seed industry, two new departments were integrated into North and Central American operations over the past three years. The Marketing team, led by Hermann Castro, and the Product Management team, led by Miguel Salinas, are working collaboratively to strengthen the organization’s overall capacity to deliver ongoing value to customers in Canada, U.S., Mexico, and Central America.


Both departments play a pivotal role in fostering partnerships and gathering data-driven insights across the entire value chain. This way of working aligns with Enza Zaden’s global vision to deliver the future needs of customers through cross-functional collaboration, partnerships, and market trend insights.


"Our goals will be achieved through the continued pursuit of closer connections with customers. Through extensive use of data analytics in an environment that’s evolving quickly, we are fostering synergies within and among global regions,” said Castro.


Salinas agrees, and further emphasized the significance of connectedness and shared expertise, stating, "Our approach goes beyond regional boundaries. We are constantly travelling to enrich partnerships with all stakeholders; to understand the product challenges of distinct growing regions; and to provide innovative and timely product solutions that reflect the insight of our local and global resources.”


“Breeding to feed the world” since 1938, Enza Zaden has quietly been at the forefront of the seed industry’s evolution for decades. By embracing a global approach that enables the organization to work more cohesively across and within all 25 countries in which it operates, Enza Zaden is strengthening its position as a nimble, proactive, and capable partner.


“Marketing and Product Management are supporting our global vision in a way that will help us achieve objectives amid changing market dynamics, new technologies, regulatory changes, and economic shifts. It’s an exciting time for the company and for our customers,” said Rodolfo Leyva, Regional Sales Director, North and Central America.



Source:  Enza Zaden April 1, 2024 news release      


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 5 April 2024