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Minister John Barlow
Minister John Barlow
November 10, 2021

The federal Conservative party announced its shadow cabinet on November 9, with a seasoned hand at the steering wheel of the agriculture, agri-food and food security file.  John Barlow, representing the riding of Foothills, has been an Alberta MP since June 30, 2014. 


Joining him in other roles are:


-  Lianne Rood, shadow minister for rural economic development and rural broadband strategy


-  Stephanie Kusie, shadow minister for employment, future workforce development and disability inclusion


-  Dan Albas, shadow minister for environment and climate change


-  Randy Hoback, shadow minister for international trade and supply chain resilience


-  Scott Aitchison, shadow minister for labour 


For the entire list, link here:


Source: November 9, 2021 post

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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 10 November 2021