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April 29, 2024

UPL Corporation Ltd. (UPL Corp)  has completed the acquisition of Corteva Agriscience's solo mancozeb global fungicide business outside of China, Japan, South Korea, UK, Switzerland and EU member countries.


The acquisition is set to strengthen UPL Corp’s portfolio of solutions and leadership in the multisite fungicide market, giving the company ownership of Dithane, the original global mancozeb brand which has provided farmers with a reliable disease management solution, as well as access to Rainshield technology which enables crop protection in wet weather conditions. 


Christina Coen, chief marketing officer for UPL Corp, said: “We recognize mancozeb’s vital role not just in protecting crops, but in safeguarding global food security and transforming farmer livelihoods. This acquisition cements our leadership in the multi-fungicide market and enables us to continue adding to our ever-growing portfolio of farmer-first solutions, and expanding the use of this vital molecule for years to come. We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for all customers, and look forward to helping growers produce sustainable crop yields and future-proof food security.”  


The acquisition is limited to Corteva’s solo formulations of mancozeb, with Corteva retaining ownership of premix formulations. With the deal, UPL Corp has acquired access to the full regulatory scientific dossier of mancozeb including all data, registrations, trademarks for Corteva's solo mancozeb products, and a license to the Rainshield technology.



Source:  UPL April 23, 2024 news release                                       




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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 29 April 2024