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February 10, 2024

The 2024 edition of Fruit Logistica, Berlin, Germany, was the site of the innovation award on February 9.


The Zucchiolo made the biggest impression on trade visitors, who over two days voted for the coveted international award. Winning more than half of the votes, the oval-shaped vegetable secured the top spot. The Zucchiolo is not, as one might imagine, a new zucchini variety, but a vegetable representing a completely new product category on the European market.


What is remarkable about this 250-gram product is that it can be consumed fresh and raw in a salad, similar to a cucumber, or cooked like a zucchini or eggplant. It is rich in fibres, vitamin A and C and anti-oxidants. The vegetable is tasty, and at the same time revenues are being donated to charity. Fifty per cent of the sales income is going to social causes such as fighting cancer.


"The Innovation Awards of Fruit Logistica are truly an honour. It's a motivating push for all professionals in the industry to wake up every morning and pursue what we love most: adding value to our farmers' crops,” says Andrea Álvarez, business development manager at Unica Fresh. “Developing new vegetables is challenging, but our goal is always to introduce nutritious and healthy products to society. I thank the entire 'Zucchiolo' value chain, from the geneticists to the marketing team to the farmers for their trust. Everyone pushed for this product to come on the market."


Source:  Fruit Logistica February 9, 2024 news release


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 10 February 2024