The constant stream of traffic is a telling sign that Howe Family Farms got it right on its second farm market location near St. Thomas. Grower Kevin Howe is celebrating the 2019 Local Food Champion award given by the local MPP for Elgin-Middlesex-London. 

Founder and owner of Nature Fresh Farms, Peter Quiring; general manager, John Ketler; and executive retail sales account manager, Matt Quiring cut the ribbon along with their new partners: Neil Enns, Ben Friesen, Abram Fehr, and Peter Klassen.

Nature Fresh Farms has announced that it’s transferring the keys to 36 acres, comprising Phase 1 and 2 greenhouses, to a new group of dedicated growers. The new business entity, Chosen Fresh Farms, is owned by Neil Enns, Ben Friesen, Abram Fehr and Peter Klassen.