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August 24, 2022

AgScape, a leader in innovative agriculture and food-related resources for Ontario teachers and classrooms, has appointed Mira Lyonblum as executive director, effective August 30, 2022.  


Lyonblum’s focus will be delivering on AgScape’s mission of “Empowering Ontario youth and educators to understand their relationship to the agriculture and food system and igniting interest in related careers through experiential and science-based programs.”


Lyonblum’s passion for agriculture and food literacy, along with a love of creative education, has happily led her to the position of executive director of AgScape.. In a previous role, she developed a food literacy, social justice, and advocacy program for students and teachers across the country. She’s also worked as an educator, program creator, camp director, spokesperson, and even a lifeguard.


“As we bridge the gap between agriculture, food and the public, AgScape ensures Ontario educators and students have accurate, fact-based information in the curriculum. This has never been more essential than right now. We are excited to have Mira join AgScape as executive director,” says Kathryn Doan, chair of AgScape’s Board of Directors and CVO, director at and,


 An Ontario charity, AgScape works to bring agriculture and food education into all Ontario classrooms. Every program and resource created and delivered by the AgScape team is designed to provide balanced and accurate information about farming and food, while inspiring youth to see their role within the food system as a vehicle for social, economic, and environmental impact. As the leader in Agriculture & Food Education in the classroom, AgScape has embraced opportunities for innovation, now offering all programing and resources in virtual and in-person formats, while also recently working to offer French programming and resources.



 Source:  AgScape August 24, 2022 news release

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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 24 August 2022