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March 03, 2023

Farmers’ Markets Ontario (FMO) is excited to announce the “Farmers’ Market of the Year” winner for the 2022 market season. The award goes to market manager Jaime Grant, Innisfil Farmers’ Market which opened in 2011.


The market operates on Thursday afternoons, with more than half of its vendors as primary producers. Grant is proud of the multicultural backgrounds of vendors that range from Mexican, Jamaican, Greek, Irish, Puerto Rican, Pakistani as well as others from India and more.


“As a relatively young market of 13 years, we are a bustling mid-size farmers’ market serving fresh local products and thriving every year,” says Grant. “We showcase multi-generational farmers, talented bakers, cooks and the absolutely stunning artisans. We are incredibly lucky to have the support of our community, our residents, local businesses, tourists and farms,” says Grant.


“We are very excited to recognize exemplary Farmers’ Markets that add value to their communities and the Ontario farmers' market sector this past market season,” saysFarmers’ Markets Ontario executive director, Catherine Clark. There are 180 farmers’ markets operating across the province.


Farmers’ Markets Ontario is the source for information for Ontario market managers, vendors and consumers. For more information, contact: Catherine Clark, executive director, Farmers’ Markets Ontario,


Source:  Farmers’ Markets Ontario February 22, 2023 news release


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 3 March 2023