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McCain's Sustainability Report
McCain's Sustainability Report
January 25, 2023

McCain Foods Limited (McCain) has released its Sustainability Report explaining how the company is responding to the challenges faced by climate change, its priority on enhancing soil health and its farming partners' transition to more regenerative practices.


Working with its farmer partners, McCain has accelerated its regenerative agriculture ambition by providing technical assistance and financing opportunities that can help tackle the escalating impacts of climate change on yields and crop quality and, notably, launched its second Farm of the Future in South Africa.


McCain's Sustainability Report highlights include:


  • Smart and Sustainable Farming


In the past year, McCain launched Farm of the Future Africa, where it will test regenerative farming in a Southern Hemisphere environment. The first crop of potatoes has been planted at the farm in Lichtenburg, South Africa. McCain has also implemented its Regenerative Agriculture Framework to support farmers and measure adoption of regenerative farming practices in priority regions, established financing partnerships for regenerative farming in France and Canada, achieved an eight per cent reduction in CO2 emissions per tonne from potato farming, storage and freight and improved water-use efficiency by 11 per cent in water-stressed regions.


  • Good Food


In 2022, McCain developed strategic partnerships with plant-forward food producers Strong Roots and The Simple Root while strengthening its partnership with innovative vertical farm GoodLeaf. All of McCain's facilities are now GFSI certified, there has been noted sodium reduction and artificial ingredients removed from key products.


To learn more about McCain's sustainability strategy including its commitments, progress and results, visit here.


Source: McCain Canada January 25, 2023 news release

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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 25 January 2023