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Palmer amaranth seedling
Palmer amaranth seedling
April 23, 2024

This 41-page guide contains the most complete knowledge to date. It’s authored by Kristen Obeid, weed management specialist – horticulture and Dave Bilyea, University of Guelph weed technician.


Currently in Ontario, the pigweed family has confirmed resistance to six of the eight herbicide groups where resistance occurs. This is the most of any weed species (Groups 2, 6, 7, 9, 14 and 27).


Genetic testing is available in Ontario. For sampling protocols, sample collection kits and the procedure for sample submission to TurnKeyGenomics, contact



Source:  Kristen Obeid, weed management specialist – horticulture, OMAFRA



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Submitted by Kristen Obeid on 23 April 2024