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March 06, 2023

The Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Convention, held February 22-23, was the host of the 2023 Cider Competition.


Winners are as follows:


Sweet Cider

1st - Brantview Apples & Cider, Sweet Cider

2nd - Delhaven Orchards Ltd, Delhaven Orchards

Sweet Apple Cider

3rd - Loughborough Heritage Orchard, Heritage


Apple Cider

Heritage/Traditional Craft Cider


1st - Loch Mor Cider Company, Kingston Black

2nd - West Avenue Cider Ltd, Heritage Dry

3rd - Georgian Hills Vineyards, Ardiel Apple Dry Cider


Modern Craft Cider


1st - Thornbury Craft Company, Premium Apple Cider

2nd - Niagara Cider Company, No. 1 Dry Apple Cider

3rd - Ernest Cider Company, Ernest Cider Dry


Specialty Craft Cider


1st - Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery, Forbidden Hopped

2nd - Loch Mor Cider Company, Sour Cherry

3rd - Shiny Apple Cider, Shiny Apple Cider PineappleMango



Source:  Ontario Apple Growers March 6, 2023 newsletter



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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 6 March 2023