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Biobest’s Crop-Scanner platform helps growers to scout their crops quickly and accurately, which will significantly improve their IPM strategy. The innovative app and web dashboard enables growers and their Biobest advisors to remotely monitor diseases and pests and determine trends in the crop.


In addition, accurate data collection and visualization contribute to insights that help plan upcoming seasons. Digitalization offers horticulture new opportunities, and Biobest is leading the way with its Crop-Scanner. This smart, data-driven tool supports biological crop protection across the board -- from identifying pests, reporting, exchanging advice to timely and systematic intervention. The application works on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs and is available for iOS and Android.


“The principle is simple, and the functionalities are numerous”, says Sam Gui, market development manager high tech IPM at Biobest. “The grower can draw their greenhouses on the application. The grower and their employees can then indicate where a particular pest has been observed and what stage it is in. Photos and notes can be added while scouting.”


Crop-Scanner also includes an automatic counting function. This Trap-Scanner function recognizes six pests and insects. “The method is as simple as it is effective,” Gui continues. “Take a photo of a sticky trap with your phone and Trap-Scanner will count the different insects and display them in Crop-Scanner reports. “To make optimal use of this functionality, Biobest developed special Trap-ID trap cards. The unique design of this trap card ensures that Trap-Scanner can count the entire card surface.


The grower and Biobest advisors analyze the data together and use this information to develop specific control strategies. “The constant availability of current and historical monitoring data will lead to better advice and therefore a healthier crop,” says Gui. By digitizing data, decisions are better substantiated. The history provides insight into the progress of previous crops, so growers can fine-tune their planning for coming seasons.


Biobest trains all its advisors to support growers in the use of Crop-Scanner. The platform is being deployed in phases beginning with Belgium, Canada, Kenya, the Netherlands, UK, and United States. At the same time,  worki in continuing on further expanding the functionalities. In the near future, it will be possible to connect other high-tech applications such as Trap-Eye for even more convenience and better results.


Crop-Scanner is available in Canada and the eastern United States through Plant Products – A member of Biobest Group.


For more information, please contact Scott Hodgins (



Source:  Biobest September 14, 2023 news release



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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 14 September 2023