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September 07, 2023

Each fall, Cleanfarms teams spread out across the country, bringing a valued opportunity to local farmers to safely and conveniently dispose of unwanted and obsolete agricultural pesticides.


This year’s program features 72 collection events – some of which are one-day blitz style collections and others that are multi-day events. They will take place in:


  • Quebec: September 18 to October 6 with a mix of blitz and multi-day events
  • British Columbia: Vancouver Island, October 2 to 4 and Fraser Valley, October 10 to 13
  • Saskatchewan (Southern): October 23 to 27
  • Prince Edward Island: October 30 to November 10 (all multi-day events)

This is an important opportunity to collect items that are no longer needed and bring them for safe disposal. Farmers are encouraged to bring:


  • -  old or unwanted agricultural pesticides (identified with a Pest Control Product number on the label; includes used miticide strips)


  • -  commercial pesticides for golf courses and industrial and commercial pest control products (identified with a Pest Control Product number on the label)


  • -  livestock/equine medications that are used on-farm for livestock, poultry or horses (identified with a DIN number, serial number, notification number or Pest Control Product number on the label).


The program does NOT accept:


  • -  fertilizer, diluted rinsate solution, large quantities of unopened product, and treated seed (except in Québec)


  • -  full and unopened jugs of adjuvant or surfactant


  • -  aerosol containers, premises disinfectants and sanitizers


  • -  needles or sharps, medicated feed, waste and medications from veterinary clinics, ear tags


  • -  domestic pesticides and any other household hazardous waste.


The crop protection industry members of Cleanfarms, in concert with the Canadian Animal Health Institute, cover the full cost of operating the program and disposing of the materials responsibly so that farmers pay nothing when they deliver the unwanted materials.


Collection events are scheduled at local agricultural retailers’ locations for ease of access. Farmers can find their most convenient events at the Cleanfarms’ website under ‘What to recycle & Where’, then clicking on ‘Unwanted pesticides & old livestock/equine medications’.


Source:  Cleanfarms September 5, 2023 news release



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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 7 September 2023