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Growers Supply Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of BC Tree Fruits Cooperative, together with ViviGro SustainableSolutions announce a strategic partnership to be known as Ropana Grower Solutions Ltd. Togther they will expand support and supply of quality products and services to agricultural communities throughout British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and Pacific Northwest.


The merging of two pioneer organizations who understand growers’ needs, dedicated to sustainable growth and soilhealth is both timely and a welcome change. “Sustainable farming practices are our future,” says Yasir Syed, president& CEO of ViviGro. “Improving soil health in an environmentally friendly manner is essential to improving crop yields not only today, but for generations to come. We are excited to partner with Growers Supply Co. Ltd and look forward toworking together to provide growers with their nutrient needs.”


Growers Supply Co. remains situated in the Okanagan region and has been supporting local growers across the OkanaganValley and surrounding districts for more than 80 years.


“This partnership aims to support soil health and sustainable farming practices that are both eco-friendly andbiodegradable,”says Mark Welton, general manager of Growers Supply Co. Ltd. ViviGro is based in Saskatoon, SKand serves western Canada promoting sustainable concepts. They are dedicated to quality ingredients for unique organicand conventional growing strategies.


Source:  BC Tree Fruits Cooperative November 18, 2022 news release


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 19 November 2022