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Gianni Mucci and Danny Mucci, inspect their locally greenhouse-grown strawberries in Kingsville, ON.
Gianni Mucci and Danny Mucci, inspect their locally greenhouse-grown strawberries in Kingsville, ON.
June 03, 2024

June 3-9, 2024 is Local Food Week in Ontario. The week is an opportunity to celebrate and promote Ontario farmers while also recognizing the important role of food processors, restaurants, retail, and others across the local food supply chain that contribute to the success of the province’s $48.8 billion agriculture and food industry.


“Ontario’s farmers work hard to produce more than 200 different commodities, and that’s truly something to celebrate,” said Lisa Thompson, Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. “This week, and every week, we recognize the contributions of the people who put food on our tables, strengthen Ontario’s economy, and build up rural communities.”


This year’s Local Food Report features some of the people behind the products and recognizes the incredible contribution farmers make to the province. The Local Food Report includes stories about:


-  A business that applies innovative solutions that allow us to enjoy fresh, Ontario-grown strawberries that taste like summer, throughout the year.


-  A teacher who designed an urban farming class that teaches students about agriculture and exposes them to careers in the agriculture and food industry.


-  The Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association’s Fresh from the Farm program where students fundraise by selling local fruits and vegetables.


Ontario food businesses, commodity organizations and retailers support the province’s local food supply chain by putting Ontario-grown foods front and centre. The Foodland Ontario Retailer Awards program recognizes and celebrates grocery stores that build creative and innovative displays promoting fresh, locally grown and in-season fruits and vegetables.


Minister Thompson presented the first award to the Foodland store in Markdale on June 1 and over the next few weeks, 59 other winning stores will be receiving their awards.


This week, and every week, the province encourages Ontarians to support local farmers and businesses by purchasing foods with the Foodland Ontario logo, or, where possible, buying directly from farmers either on-farm or at their local farmers’ market. Foodland Ontario has played an important role in helping consumers identify and purchase locally grown and made food for more than 45 years.


Source:  Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs June 3, 2024 news release


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 3 June 2024