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Seed potato business is now owned by AgPro Capital.
Seed potato business is now owned by AgPro Capital.
March 27, 2023

Sembec / Progest 2001 has been a high-quality potato seed production company in the Côte Nord region since 2019. Facing challenging economic conditions, Sembec launched a vast project to revitalize and diversify its production at the end of 2022. As the largest agricultural company in the Côte Nord, Sembec has initiated many innovative programs and is continually consolidating its position as a leader in the region.


The interest of a partner that wanted to continue in the same direction offered Québec Parmentier an opportunity to sell its stake in Sembec. Kévin Rivard, president of Québec Parmentier, sent his best wishes to new owner AgPro Capital.


“The time has come for Québec Parmentier to pass the torch so that Sembec can develop further,” said Kévin Rivard.  “I would like to congratulate the AgPro Capital management for their new investment in developing this exceptional company.”


Québec Parmentier is pursuing its mission and vision of being the Canadian leader in potatoes. No changes are expected for Québec Parmentier’s customers and suppliers. The company will continue to count on Sembec and other long-standing partners for the supply of high-quality seeds.


“Our strategic partnerships provide stability and a diversity of expertise specific to the needs of our producers and customers. This is excellent news for our producers and our customers, who will continue to be served with quality seeds,” emphasized Kévin Rivard.


Source: Québec Parmentier March 27, 2023 news release


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 27 March 2023