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August 23, 2023

The U.S. Apple Outlook Conference predicts that 2023/24 crop year will hit 250 million bushels, an increase of 1.5 per cent compared to a year ago. The report was given by USApple director of industry analytics Chris Gerlach.


At the varietal level, Gala is expected to retain the top spot with more than 45 million bushels (m bu) produced, accounting for around 18 per cent of the U.S. apple market. Included in the top five this year are Other Varieties. After Gala, rounding out the top five are Red Delicious (31 m bu), Honeycrisp (28 m bu), Other Varieties (25 m bu) and Fuji (25 m bu). Granny Smith just missed number five with 24.6 m bu.


Seeing “Other Varieties” climb and make their way into the top five produced varieties is an illustration of consumers’ growing appetite for all different types of apples.


“We learned today during an Outlook 2023 presentation that 48 per cent of consumers say they generally buy the same variety of apple every time they shop,” said Gerlach. “That means 52 per cent of shoppers might be willing to make an apple purchase based on different attributes, such as  flavour, appearance, and store promos. With an almost 50/50 split, there are opportunities for growers to harness consumers’ love of a familiar favourite or to sell them something new.”


Though Red Delicious remains the second most-produced apple, its production has declined steeply over five years. Red Delicious decreased by 42% or 23 million bushels compared to 2018/19 production volumes. Conversely, Honeycrisp production has increased by 46% or almost 9 million bushels during the same period. 




Fresh apple exports totaled 36.2 million bushels in 2022 – a 7 per cent decline over 2021 levels. At the same time, fresh apple imports also decreased by nearly 13 per cent to 5.3 million bushels. 


“With the recent news that India has lifted its 20 per cent retaliatory tariff on U.S. apples, we’re hoping to see that export number start to increase as we build back that critical market,” said Gerlach.



Source:  U.S. Apple Association August 17, 2023 news release


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 23 August 2023