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  • Photo by Eric Forrest
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  • The Canadian Produce Marketing Association’s conference and trade show in Montreal zeroed in on sustainable packaging. One example is plastic-free English cucumbers about to be launched by Westmoreland Topline Farms in mid-June. Dino DiLaudo, vice-president of sales and marketing, is shown overseeing the installation and trialling of the technology in Leamington, Ontario. Photos by Reece Early.
  • This year’s spring sting is a federal increase in carbon taxes of 11 cents/litre of gasoline and diesel. That’s not welcome news for horticulture which is grappling with disrupted supply chains, spiralling fertilizer costs and higher labour wages. Yet tillage work must continue. This 12-foot wide cultivator, for example, is used in one pass to bury the leftover ‘fruit mummies.’ Used in every other row, the practice reduces disease inoculum in this peach orchard at Tregunno Farms, NOTL, Ontario.
  • Colin Chapdelaine, president of the newly created Berry Division, BC Hothouse, studies strawberries in the Solstice greenhouse near Delta, British Columbia.
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