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Halo blight on a hop cone. Photo courtesy of Doug Higgins.
Halo blight on a hop cone. Photo courtesy of Doug Higgins.
June 05, 2023

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) recently announced the approval of an Emergency Use Registration (EUR) for Fullback 125 SC fungicide for control of halo blight (Diaporthe humulicola – sometimes referred to as Diaporthe leaf spot/blight) on hops in numerous provinces in Canada. This EUR for Fullback 125 SC fungicide on hops can be used only in Ontario, Québec, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Prince Edward Island from June 1, 2023, until May 31, 2024.


Halo blight is a new disease affecting hops in northeastern North America since 2017. Symptoms begin as brownish-grey, eliptical lessions on leaves that may have white margins. Severe disease can lead to leaf browning, reduced cone development, and cone browning and shattering. Significant losses from this disease have been reported from hopyards in Québec and the northeastern U.S. Diaporthe leaf blight was first observed in an Ontario hop yard in June 2020, and has since been reported from multiple hop yards across the province.


Fullback 125 SC fungicide was already labeled for management of diseases on a wide range of crops in Canada. This use will also be addressed as a future label expansion by an Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada – Pest Management Centre (AAFC-PMC) submission through the regional upgrade selected by Québec at the 2022 AAFC-PMC ‘A’ priority setting workshop (pending favourable trial results and subsequent submission evaluation by PMRA).  This EUR request was initiated by Québec with support from the Ontario Hops Growers’ Association in response to significant yield losses and spread of halo blight in recent field seasons.


Source: ONspecialtycrops June 5, 2023 newsletter


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 5 June 2023