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November 06, 2023

Certis Biologicals, a leading developer of biopesticide solutions, has announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Belchim Crop Protection Canada for its flagship products, Double Nickel 55LC and LifeGard WG. Both products have earned recognition for their quality and performance.


This exclusive distribution agreement underscores Certis Biologicals' commitment to delivering innovative agricultural solutions while optimizing the availability and accessibility of its products for growers.


“We are delighted to partner with Belchim Canada as our exclusive distributor for these products,” said Mike Allan, vice president of business development and licensing with Certis Biologicals. “Their extensive regulatory, marketing and logistics knowledge, combined with our innovative products and vertically integrated manufacturing model will undoubtedly create new opportunities. We are aligned in our desire to streamline and enhance the efficiency of our supply chain to fulfill our ultimate goal of benefiting growers.” 


Belchim Crop Protection Canada, a distributor of chemical, biological and plant nutrition products in the agricultural industry, is excited to assume the responsibility of offering the products for all crops and uses as specified on the current product labels. 


“Our dedication to delivering cost-effective and high-performing biological solutions to the Canadian agricultural market will be greatly expanded with the addition of Certis’ Double Nickel 55LC and LifeGard WG products,” said Cade Morse, general manager of Belchim Crop Protection Canada. “These proven products allow us to continue to build our strategy of delivering reliable solutions to growers.” 


Certis Biologicals is a 100% owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. Belchim Crop Protection Canada is a 100% owned subsidiary of Certis Belchim, which is primarily owned by Mitsui & Co. This interconnected ownership structure ensures seamless collaboration and reinforces the commitment to delivering exceptional products and services to growers worldwide.


To learn more about Certis Biologicals, their portfolio of proven solutions and their commitment to sustainability, visit



Source:  Certis Biologicals November 6, 2023 news release


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 6 November 2023