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November 15, 2023

Loblaw Companies Ltd, Canada’s leading grocery retailer, is introducing a new Small Supplier Program, providing additional support and resources to more than a thousand existing Canadian growers, bakers, vintners, and local product creators, and making it easier for new suppliers to work with Loblaw.


Launching January 2024, this program is designed to empower and support new and existing small suppliers, helping their businesses thrive and reach more customers through Loblaw’s stores. By providing faster payments, streamlined processes, a six-month guaranteed listing period and top-notch support, the program makes running a small business simpler when working with Loblaw.


Key highlights of Loblaw’s Small Supplier Program include:


  1. Faster Payments: Loblaw will reduce payment terms to up to a maximum of seven days for new and existing small suppliers. This improvement will enhance cash flow for suppliers, enabling them to reinvest in their businesses as they see fit. This change will especially support our farmer partners and the unique challenges of managing the growing season.


  1. Dedicated Small Supplier Support: Loblaw wants to give its small suppliers the support they need to succeed. This new approach will include dedicated team members at Loblaw’s office and regionally, as well as training and resources to help small suppliers thrive.


  1. Assistance for Small Suppliers: The process of getting products on retailer shelves can be complicated. Loblaw is committed to making this easier for small suppliers, including adjustments to supply chain programs and subsidizing retail industry fees to provide small suppliers with an opportunity to progressively stabilize and grow more effectively.


  1. Six-month guaranteed listing period for new small suppliers: Building and growing a solid customer base can take time, which is why Loblaw’s new program provides a six-month on-shelf commitment, while waiving associated listing fees, giving new suppliers the opportunity to test their products with greater ease.


“The fresh fruit and vegetable industry is a fast-paced business environment which represents many small local growers and business owners,” said Ron Lemaire, president, Canadian Produce Marketing Association. “Providing these small businesses with the opportunity to access the market using this program can be a catalyst to their success.”


To learn more about Loblaw’s Small Supplier Program, visit


Source:  Loblaw November 14, 2023 news release




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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 15 November 2023