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February 13, 2023

Jac. Vandenberg’s Sunrays brand was celebrated for excellence in package innovation and sustainable design at the prestigious PAC Global Awards on February 8 in Tarrytown, New York. The company’s branding and marketing team took home the Award of Distinction for its Sunrays home-compostable grape bags in what marked a record-breaking year of submissions to the competition. 


The BIO bags are developed and produced by Israeli-based company, TIPA. The company provides fully compostable packaging that is designed to break down within months under compost conditions, just like any organic matter. The bags are made from 20 per cent bio-based plastic – derived from non-GMO corn sand sugar cane – and 80 per cent fully compostable fossil-based polymers. With an active and healthy compost heap, these bags will disintegrate within six months.


“We’ve been exploring sustainable alternatives for grape bags for some time now,” says John Paap, brand manager at Jac Vandenberg. “We are all too aware of the problems with traditional plastic packaging, so it is critical we begin to move away from this material. In our BIO bags we have a real solution that offers something that looks and feels like traditional plastic but will biodegrade in compost, just like the fruit inside it. We are confident that these bags will help retailers achieve their targets set around zero waste, plastic reduction and overall sustainability.”


Source: Sunrays Fruits Feb 9, 2023 news release



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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 13 February 2023