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June 23, 2022

Vegpro International, headquartered in Sherrington, Québec, has announced a new majority shareholder:  Vision Ridge Partners. The investor has offices in New York and Colorado specializing in sustainable real assets in agriculture.


For company founder Gerry Van Winden, the transaction is part of a growth strategy for the Fresh Attitude brand that allows continuity while allowing him to pass the torch. 


“We received many offers, and our choice came down to Vision Ridge Partners,” stated Gerry Van Winden. “Vision Ridge has demonstrated a strong interest in ensuring the well-being of our employees and in continuing the strong collaboration we have built with our customers, suppliers, and partners. This firm expressed the greatest confidence in our company and products, as well as our team and business model, all of which it believes have a strong growth potential and a guarantee of success. Ownership of the agricultural land has been excluded from the transaction, so Vegpro remains the sole operator as a producer-tenant. The ownership of the land will therefore remain in local hands.”


This change of majority shareholder will have no impact on the job security and the current excellent working conditions of employees, whether they are based in Québec, British Columbia or Florida.


Anthony Fantin, Vegpro COO, will take over as president. Fantin, an experienced associate of the company, will remain a shareholder. “Vegpro’s headquarters remain in Sherrington, Québec, where it all began 70 years ago with the Van Winden brothers’ move,” said Fantin. “As Vegpro grows as a business and enters new markets, it will continue to create jobs and wealth in the communities where it is established.”


Vegpro was founded in 1998. It is the largest producer of fresh vegetables in Canada.


Source: VegPro International June 22, 2022 news release

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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 23 June 2022